Mapes Ranch WRP Project

Lassen County cultural resources survey for the Natural Resources Conservation Service

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Cultural Resource Services

SAS provides the full range of archaeological services from basic inventories to full data recovery and mitigation. Conducting work nationally, SAS is a certified Small Business and retains a General Services Administration (GSA) contract with the federal government. Whatever your cultural resource needs, regardless of the scale of the project, we have the experience to provide high-quality work in a timely manner for a realistic cost.

Archaeological Survey

SAS conducts pedestrian, reconnaissance surveys, including both large (> 10,000 acres) and small project areas. Field crews are experienced in all ecological zones and have specialized training for work in strenuous, upland terrain.

Site Testing/Data Recovery

For mitigation efforts, SAS offers dry and wet screening, mechanical excavation, augering, shovel testing, and unit hand excavation. SAS is fully equipped to quickly respond to changing project needs, including facilitation of Native American monitoring.

Construction Monitoring

Our qualified, professional staff provide archaeological monitoring during earth-moving construction activities and can arrange for Native American monitoring if needed. SAS field crews are safety trained and equipped with all necessary safety equipment.

Native American Consultation

Providing a smooth process for our clients, SAS handles any necessary consultation with the Native American Heritage Commission, local tribes, and individuals as appropriate for the project. Consultation methods may include letter writing, telephone communications, emails, and in-person meetings. SAS is proud to have established close working relationships with the Native American community.

Cultural Resources Reporting

The SAS management staff meets the Secretary of Interior’s standards for conducting archaeological fieldwork and reporting, including full documentation of cultural resources. SAS provides project-based recommendations and can prepare documentation for California Register and National Register eligibility if needed.

CEQA and NEPA Documents

SAS can supply cultural resource inventories, archaeological testing and evaluation reports, data recovery and mitigation plans/reports, construction monitoring plans, and environmental review chapters that satisfy the appropriate level of regulatory compliance and oversight from reviewing government agencies (e.g., Caltrans and the US Army Corps of Engineers).

Section 106 Compliance

Leading the client through the process of cultural resource evaluation, SAS makes critical recommendations to keep clients compliant with Section 106 regulatory criteria and bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Human Osteology, Burial Recovery

Where mitigation for the presence of Native American or historic-era burials is needed, our staff is qualified to take on this role. SAS has staff members who are highly trained in burial removal, osteological analysis, coordination with the Native American community, and analysis of burial-associated artifacts. The SAS management staff in particular has years of experience working on burial sites and knows how to steer clients away from unnecessary work while keeping the project compliant.

Lithic Analysis

On prehistoric sites, where large collections of lithic (flaked stone) artifacts are commonly recovered, SAS can analyze lithic collections in conjunction with specific research questions, the results of which are supplied to the client in a final report. SAS conducts its own in-house lithic analysis, examining source type, projectile point type identification, statistics, and much more.

Historic Analysis

Should a client encounter historic-era sites that require artifact recovery and specialized identification, SAS offers a full array of historic artifact analyses for items such as glass bottles, ceramics, buttons, metallic remains. SAS can also professionally conserve some metal items through the electrolytic reduction process and create professional-grade exhibits.

GIS/GPS Mapping

 SAS utilizes GPS devices with sub-meter accuracy during fieldwork. SAS integrates the creation of GIS layers with site and project mapping needs and can provide shape files, data dictionaries, GIS-based graphics, and much more.

Artifact Analysis and Curation

Saving the client potential costs of outsourcing artifacts for analysis, SAS has the facilities and capability to analyze many types of prehistoric and historic-era artifacts in-house. SAS offers professional curation services, from labeling and bagging to digital database creation and archival-quality temporary storage.

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